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You may be asking something like 'How did you get the idea for the site?'  In truth, my mom had the base idea for it.  You see, at the last Karate Camp, my mom had a brilliant idea to create a chat room or message board to let the students help themselves.  I expanded on the idea and thought of doing a website.  That's not quite as easy as it sounds...  I searched everywhere to find a host for free.  The only thing that I found ((without pop-ups)) was the text-only Webspawner.  Later, I checked out a book from my local library called 'Dave's Quick 'n' Easy Web Pages' and read it the next night.  I had an entire HTML setup ready.  Then, after trying to find a free website that would support it, I found out how to make a webpage using this bonus software that I got from a computer program (go figure).  Now, the Dojo is up and running thanks to a fortunate accident.