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About the Webmaster

    Hi, my name is Elaysha and I'm from the Midwest.  I have been in YO Karate since about the second grade.  I have had to drop out of a few semesters due to health problems, yet I'm back on track and just trying to learn my katas before the next brown belt testing.  I am a red belt w/ brown stripe and I usually try go to tournament and compete in many YO sponsored events.  I began shortly after the YO program was started in the Midwest with Sensei Kraig, the author of many of the YO workbooks.  Nowadays, I work with a few instructors trying to get ready for the next brown belt testing.  I love karate and all of the activities associated with it.  This activity, which many consider violent, tends to be a peaceful art and it is the protector of innocent lives.  My other hobbies include:

   Scholar Bowl
   Surfing the Internet
   And many more...

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